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Maybe your roof isn’t a lost cause, and applying some targeted roof repair services will bring your roof back to full health to last several more years.

At Big Anchor Roofing And Gutters, we’re not roof repair contractors interested in making roof replacements when they’re not necessary. We’re not about taking advantage of customers or making full replacement recommendations that aren’t warranted, like some roof repair companies.

We’ll be straight with you. If you’ve got a leak that can be addressed with roof repair services as opposed to replacement, we’re the roof repair contractors with the experience needed to identify the problem and make it right. Give us a call for a free roof repair services assessment and estimate at 336-745-9534.

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Roof Repair

Roof Repair

Let us help you protect your most important investment: your home. With a decade of experience in the roofing business, there's no roof repair challenge we haven't seen,

Roof Repair

Roof Repair

If you’re running a business, you need to get the best value when protecting your assets. We’ve got the roofing expertise to back up any entrepreneur.

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Roof repair roblems with your roof come in many forms. Don’t just trust them to the first entry that pops up on a Google search for “roof repair near me.” Big Anchor Roofing And Gutters stands out among roof repair companies. We’re experienced enough to identify the trouble spots and execute the roof repair services you need to put things back in order. Don’t neglect a leak or roof repair problem. More often than not, the longer you wait to address a dire need for roof repair services, the bigger it gets. A slow leak can quickly create real structural problems for your home or your business.

Here are a few of the roof repair problems that can pop up over the course of a roof’s lifespan.


North Carolina has a wide range of weather patterns, including thunderstorms, snow, icing, sleet, hail, and even the occasional tornado or hurricane. Extended snow and ice exposure can damage a roof simply by its weight.


Chimneys are a hallmark of most houses, and can create multiple leaking problems. This can include insecure flashings that connect the chimney to the roof, as well as cracked or damaged chimney caps. The brick and mortar itself can also be damaged.


If you have an asphalt shingle roof, the shingles can become broken or loose. A strong windstorm can carry a loose shingle for miles. Shingles can crack, curl, blister, warp, or buckle – any of which will compromise your protection. The granule coating can also wear down, degrading their efficacy.

Gutters &

If gutters are not routinely cleaned and maintained, they clog and create water pooling around roof surfaces. This can create leaks. Not only can we make any roof repair needed, but we can also help you repair, replace, or maintain your gutters to insure proper protection.

Build Up

If an area of your roof remains in a shaded, wooded area, heavy moss can take hold because of trapped moisture. This can trigger the wood decking underneath to rot. Roofing material that has been compromised by moss build up needs to be removed, and the underlying wood should be inspected for damage.


Flashings around the seams in your roof can degrade over time, allowing water to pass through. Improper installation can be a factor as well. We can inspect to make sure flashing has a good caulking seal around the edges to insure that the roof is waterproof.


Every pipe that emerges from your roof has a rubber “boot” that holds the pipe in place and prevents leaking. These boots are oten culprits in leaky roofs, as the rubber and sealant can degrade. The natural shifing and settling of a building can also contribute to vent pipe leaks.

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Roof Repair Services

It’s a fair question. And whether you’re looking for residential or commercial roof repair services, the stakes are high. Don’t just depend on googling “roof repair near me.” Check for roof repair companies that have a track record and 5-star customer reviews like us. Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters is a family-owned roof repair services business that has built a reputation of excellent service and commitment to customers over the last decade, one roof repair project at a time. We stand out among roof repair contractors.

We’ve earned this reputation by servicing the entire North Carolina Piedmont, from Lewisville and Clemmons to Winston-Salem and Greensboro to Durham and Raleigh.

Our craftsmanship and commitment to roof repair services has earned us a Grade A rating and 5-star reviews with the Better Business Bureau as a credited business.

That’s why we’re confident in offering a Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty with our roof repair services. As your roof repair contractors, we won’t quit until you’re fully satisfied, and your roofing challenges have been fully met.

Check out some of our other services. Our experience includes way more than just roof repair. Again, regardless of the challenge you face, we’re fully qualified and ready to help. Give us a call today.