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Your home is often your most important asset, so it’s important to choose a roofing contractor or gutter installation specialist that knows what they’re doing.

Instead of searching online for “roof reviews near me” or “gutter company near me,” the best way to determine a contractor’s reputation is by checking out their customer reviews.

Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters is proud to boast a long index of customer reviews that attest to our experience and commitment. See for yourself!

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At Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters, we treat every roof replacement or gutter installation project as if it’s our only project. We’ve done that for a decade and counting.

Every week, we update you on our progress by highlighting projects that offer a particularly dramatic improvement in a home’s preservation and curb appeal.

Below, you can click and drag the slider on one project to see the before and after first hand. This is followed by several other examplers. Give us a call and we can come do the same for you and your roof or gutters!


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This beautiful farm house oozes nostalgia in every square foot. But its classic metal roof was overdue for an overhaul. Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters was able to pull off the old and bring in the new, with modern metal roofing that respected the house’s original design. The owners were thrilled with the result, and we were too!


This historic estate home called for a full shingle roof replacement, along with vintage half round copper gutters. Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters was privileged to help the homeowner preserve and restore its beauty for the next several decades.

This classic home also required a full asphalt shingle roof replacement along with a new chimney cap and Moravian arch awning, both rendered in a beautiful copper accent.

Another recent project called for a new black metal roof replacement, with standing seam H-Loc roofing. This stylish and incredibly durable solution was accompanied by matching black gutters.

roof replacement asphalt shingles

A final recent example of Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters’s work is this straight-forward roof replacement, with CertainTeed architectural asphalt singles. This replacement insures that the homeowner will have another 10-20 years of peace of mind while protecting his home investment.

The Seal Means We're For Real

At Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters, we’re serious about your satisfation. On every project, regardless of size – from roof installation, replacement, or repair to Gutter Shutter installation, gutter guard installtion, or gutter repair  – we won’t quit until you’re happy with the results. For real.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Don’t choose just any company for your roofing or gutter project.

Here’s a few of the reasons why Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters is the right roofing company and gutter specialist for your next home or commercial project. Once you’ve looked it over, give us a call:

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Gutter Guards
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A Family Of Roofing And Gutter Guard Specialists

Big Enough To Serve You. Small Enough To Care.

Looking for a reliable roofing company or gutter installer near you in the Triad or the Research Triangle? Rest assured, whether it’s clogged gutters or a leaking roof – you’ve come to the right place.

The family at Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters is ready to assist. We’re big enough to serve you and small enough to care. You’ll be impressed by our exceptional customer service and quality craftsmanship.

Don’t choose just any roofing company or gutter installer for your project. Contact Big Anchor Roofing & Gutters today for a free estimate. See what others have said after working with us:

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Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters

We have you covered at Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters when it comes to roof and gutter repair, maintenance, and replacement. As your home repair experts, we specialize in roofing and gutter repairs. With over five years of experience, our reasonable prices, high-quality services, and professional experience will keep your house一or your business一in the best shape possible.

We are pros at both residential and commercial roofing, as well as gutter installation and repair. From roof and gutter repairs to full roof and gutter installation to roof coatings and woodwork, we are the “Big Anchor” that keeps your home shipshape.

So if you’re looking for skilled gutter installation (Winston-Salem NC) or professional, exceptionally experienced roofers near Winston-Salem, NC, call on us.

Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters can handle all your needs for:

• Roofing installation, repair, and maintenance
• Gutter installation, repair, and maintenance, including installation of Gutter Shutter in Winston-Salem, NC
• Gutter guards installation, repair, and replacement

Let’s start at the top!

Whether you need a new roof or roof repair, we bring our professional roofing skills to the job. Our experienced professionals roofers can offer you the best roof installation options and can repair and help you replace a wide range of residential and commercial roofing types.

We’ll replace old roofs or provide roofing for new construction and home or business additions. And we’re here to work with you to find the best solution for all your roofing needs.

• Good looking
• Reasonably priced

Shingle roofing is among the most commonly installed roofing types as both replacement roofing and for newly constructed homes. Besides being cost effective, it’s more durable and long-lasting than ever and provides an attractive, welcoming look to many different home styles.
And at Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters, we are Certainteed Shingle Master Applicators.

• Long lifespan
• Resistant to weather
• Resistant to fire
• Durability often means lower insurance costs
• Energy efficient

Metal roofing is long-lived and strong; their resistance to fire and extreme weather can help you budget due to their cool-in-summer, warm-in-winter energy efficiency, and the potential for reduced insurance fees.

• Styles made with layered waterproof material and hot tar fiberglass, asphalt modifiers, or TPO single-ply
• Sturdy and long-lasting
• Friendly to your wallet
• Some materials will even provide improved indoor temperatures

We fully understand the importance of careful installation in both low slope and flat roofs for residential and commercial properties alike. Durable, and able to be constructed with several different types of material, including those that offer UV protection and temperature control in your home, it’s always important to install with care in order to be sure this type of roof is long-lasting, attractive, and utilizes the right material to fit your needs.

We always take time to explain and describe the advantages of all the different roof types, so you know exactly what each type offers regarding their durability, their look, and their advantages. We’re skilled at the installation of all types of roofing – whatever choice you make is always the right choice.

Our pros at Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters can offer a full inspection of your current roof. With that inspection, we’ll provide a truthful and detailed evaluation about what issues your roof may have, and whether or not, if present, you can solve them through repairs or replacement. Of course, whatever you decide, we can help and provide you with the most complete and accurate information to help you make the decision that’s right for you.

And most importantly, don’t delay an inspection of your roof – delaying roof repair or replacement, if necessary, can cause expensive and even hazardous damages down the line.

Using the best materials on the market, no matter the size of the job, from repair, reshingling, and roof coatings, to replacements, we promise that we’ve got you covered from the top down!

What goes hand in hand with a sturdy, safe roof and secure, attractive home? Leaf-free, clog-free gutters. Yes, just like the wide variety of roofing materials we’re skilled to work with, we can provide an extensive range of both commercial and residential gutters to help you with installation, replacement, and repair. The brands we offer, including Gutter Shutter, come in various sizes and colors designed to fit well with any home style or color palette. And all our work comes with a one-year workmanship warranty, too. Our Seamless Gutters are made right on-site, customized just for your home.

And, we’ll happily explain the proper maintenance for gutters to make sure yours last long and stay strong.

We can help you protect your gutters with our complete gutter cleaning services, too. Replacing or installing gutters in the first place and, if necessary, replacement services. We also offer expert Gutter Shutter installation or installation of any gutters in the first place; we’re ready to serve.

When it comes to gutter installation in Winston-Salem, NC, we’re ready and waiting for your call.

Additionally, we can also protect your gutters with a variety of helpful gutter guards.

Along with gutters themselves, we specialize in gutter guards installation, repair, and replacement services in Winston-Salem. So if you need gutter guards in Winston-Salem, NC, Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters has what you need.

Gutter guards are a metallic mesh material covering your gutter, protecting it from clogs due to leaves, twigs, and even pine needles, and allowing water to pass through safely and drain quickly. 

Like gutters themselves, we offer a variety of different gutter guards to help you protect your home. We even have screens ready to fit your existing gutters if they don’t need replacement but require guards.

All of our gutter guards will do a fine job for your home, or else we wouldn’t offer them. One of our favorites when it comes to gutters and gutter guards is the Gutter Shutter Clog Free Gutter system, which comes with a lifetime no-clog warranty, too.

Regardless of which kind of gutter you choose, we can make sure your gutter system is free of clogs, so you won’t have to climb a ladder and handle clogs all by yourself. Gutter guards offer peace of mind you can trust. 

Why is it essential to maintain your roof and gutters? Let’s count the ways:

• Avoid damage that can cause costly repairs to your roof and gutters
• Protect every area of your home (remember, your roof protects every part of your house from water damage)
• Prevent leaks (even the most minor leak can destroy insulation, ceiling materials, walls, and floors if left unchecked)
• Extend and improve your roof and gutter life, and avoid risking premature, unnecessary replacement costs
• Improved energy consumption and costs (a well-maintained roof offers to improve insulation and rescues the impact of energy costs on your budget)

And there are many long-term reasons to maintain your roof and gutters as well, such as:

Keeping Healthy
If your roof and gutters aren’t maintained properly, mold, mildew, and other allergens and toxic pollutants, these contaminants can form and risk your family’s health.

Well-maintained roofing and gutters increase property value.

When you maintain your roof and gutters, you prevent weather and water damage and improve energy costs.

Have your roof and gutter inspected once or twice a year. Spring and fall are the perfect times. It’s also good to call after any extreme weather event, such as snow, wind, hail, or a major rainstorm or downpour. And keep an eye out for any leaks, no matter how small, in your home.

Easy, frequent inspection and maintenance like this can keep any minor issues from becoming major, costly ones, and you’ll have the assurance that your roof is ready for any intense weather that comes along.

We will:
• Check roof flashings where water can leak in
• Examine the gutters, including looking for pieces of shingles that can break in a storm
• Look for droops (if your roof is sagging, we’ll check for moisture or rotting that indicates repair or replacement)

Roofing usually has a lifespan of up 15 to 25 years, but neglect can significantly lower this period, making it essential to stay on top of inspection and maintenance.

Inspection can identify any weak spots fast, pointing out what parts of your roof might need to be fixed or replaced. Even if we discover something that doesn’t need immediate fixing, knowing what might need repair or replacement soon can help you prepare for time and finances.

And regular clean-up that removes any debris accumulated on your roof prevents damage, including mold or impacted areas of flow.

Why? Because we’re good at our job. Sure, anyone can make that claim, but we have so much industry expertise to back it up, and so many satisfied customers, too. Big Anchor is family-owned, fully licensed, and insured.

Our pros offer you:

• Years of professional industry experience
• Extended warranties (for example, we’re certified as Certainteed Shingle Master Applicators)
• Exceptional skilled workmanship and craftsmanship
• Rapid response times
• Attention to detail
• Professional service
• Affordable rates
• Satisfaction-guaranteed warranty for all Gutter Shutter products

We’re the ones to call for all products by Gutter Shutter in Winston-Salem, NC. So if you need Gutter Shutter installation or Gutter Shutter Guards in Winston-Salem, NC, or you need roof repair ASAP, and you’re looking for “roofers near me” with excellent skills, call the coverage pros, Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters.