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So you’re ready to take the leap of faith to call Big Anchor Roofing And Gutters. You won’t regret it!

Once you reach out, we set in motion a tried-and-true process designed to respond to your inquiry as quickly, efficiently, and informatively as possible. We want to get you the answers you need to make informed decisions about protecting your home or business. And we want to do that while causing you as little stress as possible.

Below is a step-by-step run down of what happens when you call us, from the first conversation to the last nail driven. Get ready to make things happen!

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This Is How We Do It.

Trust us. We’ve done this a few times. But before we take each step in servicing your roof or gutters, we make sure you’re satisfied and have all the information you need. Take a look and see how it works.



When you call in for a free assessment and estimate, you’ll be greeted by one of our customer service representatives, ready to help.



Once we get your information, a qualified assessment consultant will be scheduled to meet with you to discuss your specific challenges and your options.



Our qualified assessment consultant arrives on time to review your challenges in person.


Assess &

Our qualified assessment consultant then inspects your roof and/or gutters to gather information


Show &

Based on his assessment, the consultant will share information and offer possible solutions to your challenge. He will also answer any questions to help you pick the best option that suits you.



Once you decide on a course of action, our consultant offers different options for payment. This can include financing, direct payment or insurance claim assistance.



Once the details have been fleshed out, our office creates a schedule for work to begin that’s convenient for you.



Our team arrives on site with assorted trucks and equipment to begin the project. This includes trucks, trailers, and all the materials we’ll need.



Once work is complete, we clean up the site of any debris, including sweeping the grounds with magnets to catch stray nails. We intend to leave it as we found it.


Check Up

We join with you for a final inspection of the work, to make sure it is sound and you’re fully satisfied.



Once the job’s complete, we check back in later to make sure you’re still satisfied.

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We Apply This Process To Every Service We Provide

Basically, we handle everything overhead. Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, whether you’ve got a big budget or you’re watching every dollar, we’re ready to work with you. We apply the above process to every project, of any size. Whether it’s roofing or gutters, we’ve got a system designed to serve you. Take a look at our capabilities:

Let us help you protect your most important investment: your house. With a wide range of roofing styles, we’ve got the roofing solution that fits your challenge.
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If you’re running a business, you need to get the best value when protecting your assets. We’ve got the roofing expertise to back up any entrepreneur.
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As experienced roof installation contractors, we can help you with new construction or upgrading your current roof.
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We can help you secure your real estate investment by replacing an aging roof with new protection.
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For challenges that don’t require a full replacement, we offer premium roof repair services with quality craftsmanship.
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We can help you get financing to cover emergency projects that catch you by surprise, with quick approval times and low monthly payments. We can also assist in filing insurance claims to cover the cost of repair.
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A functioning gutter system is a key part of protecting your home from devastating water damage. We can you navigate your options to a solution that keeps your house safe.
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Protect your business's brick and mortar investments with a gutter system that directs water safely away with minimum maintenance. We are certified to offer you the industry's latest innovations.
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The premier enclosed gutter system is the ultimate solution for water flow management. Big Anchor is specifically certified as a GutterShutter contractor.
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Designed to fit over your traditional gutters, these filters prevent debris from clogging up water flow.
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For challenges that don’t require a full replacement, we offer premium roof repair services with quality craftsmanship.
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Why Choose Big Anchor?

It’s a fair question. And whether you’re looking for residential or commercial roofing service, the stakes are high. Big Anchor Roofing and Gutters is a family-owned business that has built a reputation of excellent service and commitment to customers over the last decade, one project at a time.

We’ve earned this reputation by servicing the entire NC Piedmont, from Lewisville and Clemmons to Winston-Salem and Greensboro to Durham and Raleigh.

Our craftsmanship and commitment to service has earned us a Grade A rating and 5-star reviews with the Better Business Bureau as a credited business.

That’s why we’re confident in offering our Satisfaction Guaranteed warranty. We won’t quit until you’re fully satisfied, and your roofing challenges have been fully met.

Check out some of our other services. Again, regardless of the challenge you face, we’re fully qualified and ready to help. Give us a call today.